The Wealth and Freedom Analyzer Podcast is where your host Cynthia Habib shares valuable Real Estate for Real People experiences for you to Build Success in your business.

This is for the real estate investor who wants to achieve stable predictable cash flow profits from duplex to larger Multifamily Apartment Buildings, while enjoying the freedom to be with those who matter most.

If this is you, then welcome!

As the founder of the Wealth and Freedom Generator Cynthia Habib’s objective is to inspire, enlighten & empower real estate investors to have and run a hassle-free investment.   What she does is help real estate investors implement strategies to achieve irresistible results for their Multi Family Real estate to thrive. This starts from the smaller duplex, all the way to the larger apartment buildings.

With two decades of hands on experience with Multifamily real estate income properties of which 15 were more specifically with large apartment buildings, what you see is what you get!  And what you get is the uncensored truth, rapid results & solutions that can easily be implemented.  All this of course…delivered to you in the most politically correct way, with a genuine desire to help make our world a better place.

If you knew Cynthia well you’d know that, she’s happily married to her best friend who’s also the father of her 3 boys.  You’d know that she greatly enjoys her quality time with her family, gardening & the simple things, like nature’s beauty.  Cynthia also loves to have fun, dance, ski with her boys, volunteer in her community, travel and most of all, empower those around her to live a life they love.


We inspire Single Family Real Estate Investors on how much easier and more lucrative Multi Family Real Estate Investments Really is


The knowledge & tools to implement to achieve stable predictable cash flow with multi family real estate investing so the can live a life the love


Make sound Real Estate decisions Investors can look back on and be proud to call their own